Brush Removal

We will pick up brush only if it is at the curb. If the load is large and cannot be moved to curbside, we will need to bring our skid loader and dump truck and the $100-$200 price range will apply.

1 pickup truck load : $100.00

1/2 a dump truck load : $200.00

1 dump truck load : $330.00

Prompt and Professional Response

On the evening of June 17th, 2010, near tornado-strength winds toppled 17 trees around our home. One of the trees crashed onto our home damaging the roof and causing structural damage.

Olson’s tree service responded the next afternoon. They carefully removed the tree without damaging the siding. They installed a waterproof patch on the roof and protected our interior from any further water damage.

Their prompt and professional response was exactly what we needed to begin recovery. On another occasion they removed an 80 foot tree which was near our house. We recommend Olson’s Tree Services to anyone requiring tree removal.

Joe & Jan Connell - Rural Stewartville, MN